Reveal: Worship Decentralized
Do yourself a favor...just walk away.
Reveal March 2011: Who's Leading Who?

Christian sits down with Victor Estrada from Calvary Church in Santa Ana to talk about planning and leading different types of worship services and being a led leader.

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Reveal February 2011: Two-Timing

Steppin' out and become the world-famous guest worship leader you've always imagined yourself to be.  Chris Tomlin be damned.

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Reveal December 2010: Christmastime Is Here

Where do you go to find inspiration for your Christmas services?

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Reveal November 2010: Where's The Party?

Join us for Season Five of Reveal.  In this episode we talk about the value of celebrating all that God has done and is doing in our lives.  Blake Flattely co-hosts.

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Reveal September 2010: The End of an Era

I think we said that Delirious breaking up was the end of an era, but this really feels like it...join us for James' final regular season show...

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August 2010 2.0: The Bombshell Episode

James and Christian are back with another episode (in the same month) and take some time to reflect on the Summer, the World Cup...just before James drops a bombshell on us...

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Reveal August 2010: It's About Freaking Time

It's been a while so catch up on all the latest with this month's episode of Reveal

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Reveal May 2010: Is Our Ash Showing?

James + Christian review some local conferences and the volcano situation in Iceland,  talk (again) about white boys rapping, lame marketing of "christian" music and how to play songs that your band can't play...

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Reveal April 2010: We're Back...And Very Appy About It

We're finally back and Christian bares the blame for losing the March episode, we talk Worship Central iPhone App, recap Easter, talk about conferences, new songs and new songs that remind us an awful lot of old songs...

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Reveal February 2010: With Apologies To The Nation Of France

Join us for a brief show with a Grammy recap, hear us roundly offend the entire nation of France and finally put the damn cussing issue behind us...

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Reveal January 2010: This One Beats Titanic

This is a worship, of course, we're talking Avatar, Golden Globes, Ricky Gervais, Amy Adams, Grammys and the like (of course, James still isn't sure about the grammar involved in Grammy nominations...or is it nominees?)...we also talk New Year's Resolutions and beg you to stop screwing around...

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Reveal Christmas Special 2009 Join us now for our special Christmas fireside chat with real mince pies...what? pies?...crap
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Reveal December 2009: This One's Free Do you retweet? Then you may not like this most recent episode of Reveal where we talk about Christmas, let Santa pimp some new music, play a new song by Nick Daniel and talk about being a friend for pay...
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Reveal Thanksgiving Special: The Best Of The Worst Check in on our first ever Reveal Tofurkey Special and listen to some of the best, most horrible worship songs ever
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Reveal October 2009: Chasing The Muse Welcome to season four...James and Christian talk about what they did on Summer Vacation and look forward to the Fall and the lengths they go to to find and capture inspiration...
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Reveal 3.9: The UK Edition In which James + Christian talk about their upcoming trips to the United Kingdom, tell you everything you wanted to know about Matt Redman but were afraid to ask, play a new song by Girls of God and talk about Getting Good Gear...
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Reveal 3.8: Come Together Reveal is back with a Wimbledon update (what in the world?), the return of Matt Watch and Celebrity Confessions and the value of a non-isolationist viewpoint in ministry (what in the world??)...
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Reveal 3.7:  Oh Shit!  It's James + Christian The long-overdue edition in which we straighten out Matt Redman, Ed Young and churches that hire rock stars...
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Reveal 3.6: Can We Experiment On You? We prep for Easter, play a new tune by Eric Shouse and talk about developing a fluid ministry philosophy..
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Reveal 3.5: Ready!  Sets!  Go! We answer some viewer mail, play a listener's song and talk about set creation...
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Reveal 3.4: Communication Breakdown We talk about what open and honest communication might look like in a worship setting, pimp out Lincoln Brewster (you have to admit, he's pretty) and keep a vigilant eye on African Kid's Choirs
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Reveal 3.3: 2009 Better Look Out. We take a look back at 2008 (sort of) and look forward to all that 2009 holds + a new song by Todd Marrett
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Reveal 3.Christmas Like figgy pudding...the Reveal Christmas Special comes but once a year
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Reveal 3.2: Put Yer Money Where Yer Mouth Is We talk turducken and start planning Christmas, pimp shirts you cannot pee on, hear a demo from Christian and talk about the power of investment
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Reveal 3.1: Quit Sounding Like Crap We kick off Season 3 with a promise to sound better, reveal that we kiss jews (and like it) and hear a new tune by James called Grace
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Reveal 0212: We're Faking It We dive right in to the Healer Hoax, read some hate mail, Richard Simmons is in the Celebrity Confessional and we talk about authenticity in worship in the last episode of Season 2
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Reveal 0211: We're So Hating You We've got Olympic Fever, famous people are telling us stuff in our dreams and James is crying...oh...and we hate you...
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Reveal 90210: We're Hiding James gives us a recap of the Saddleback Worship Conference, we discuss the sad news of the Delirious? breakup, James does some human trafficking and we play hide and seek
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Reveal 0209: We're Hanging Tough James talks about some of the difficult past few weeks and we talk about what it means to navigate (and lead) through the storms of life
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Reveal 0208: We're Elevatin' Another stellar episode including: Mother's Day Recap, Conference + Festival Preview, American Idol Season 7 Diss, Viewer Mail, We Pimp, We Find Diamonds + a little Elevation
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Reveal 0207: We're Going To England James is heading to the UK but not to meet with Ms. Beeching, we sit down with John Thomas, Pastor of a local Soul Survivor congregation and catch up with Redman's continued slight of all things Reveal...
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Reveal 0206: We're A Little Behind Either we're too busy or just don't care anymore, of course, with Reveal officially being a hot mess, that can't be true...what is true is that we love new songs (like Hope Arise by James) and your new song (even if SongDiscovery doesn't) and viewer mail to boot
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James + Christian talk about loving people well as part of our worship ministry, James isn't so passionate about the new Passion CD, Monkey News and a very odd new song
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Reveal 0204: We're Not Just Surviving Christian's Christmas Confession + a NAMM recap and how to transition from surviving to thriving in worship ministry
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Another Revealing Christmas James + Christian check in, bring some Christmas cheer, and deliver an inspiring message from two of Santa's finest
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Reveal 0203: Wii're Aiming Higher We dish out turducken and talk about getting ready for Christmas + the mad dash to the middle and a monkii news update
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Reveal 0202: We're Killing Ourselves About sacrifice in worship + a new song from James and a Matt + Monkey Watch Update
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Reveal 0201: We're Waiting We kick off season 2 with a bizang.  Talk about lions and waiting around for God.  We also do some vision-casting for the year.
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Reveal 13: Doin' It For The Kids We're joined by nextgen leader and worship guy Jason Dionne.  We get (and give) more listener love.  We talk gear.  More importantly...we talk Matt.  We hear a couple of new worship tunes from Jason's record, Created Anew and talk about incorporating NextGen Worship in our regular services.  The Pimp Juice is flowing and we talk about some great new resources.  And if that's not the end of the show we make a big announcement.  Drop us a line at
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Reveal Special Edition: 747 James and Christian parade down the boulevard on July 4.  The clip is from local television and features "Dani California" by Red Hot Chili Peppers.
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Reveal 12: The Passion Of The Guys Who Do This Podcast James and Christian talk about stirring up and displaying passion during a worship set.  How important is the physical and visual in worship leading?  The Pimp theme has arrived.  James is less than chuffed.  We play a new arrangement of Nothing But The Blood by David Jordan.  James talks Summer Vacation and his pending visit with our hero and mentor, Ricky Gervais.
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Reveal 11: The (Ugly) Art Of Compromise Saddleback Recap.  PodCast Critic is not very nice.  But Gary Hodges and Carlos Whittaker are.  We talk about (not) compromising in worship leading.
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Reveal 10: Listener Love We take a moment to suck up to ourselves (is that even possible?).  James and Christian take the opportunity to update you on all things Reveal.  We roll out a new website,  Let us know how you found out about the show for your chance to win a $20 Starbucks card.  We debut a new song, "Better Everyday" and a new segment, "What We're Pimpin'."  We make plans to attend (and perform at) the Purpose Driven Worship Conference.  Let us know if you're gonna be there so we can get you info on the Reveal Meet and Greet. 
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Reveal Special Edition: Pawnshop Kings Christian sits down with Scott & Joel Owen of Pawnshop Kings.  They talk about their new album Locksley and what it takes to sing in the club on Saturday and at church on Sunday.  We'll also hear a couple of tracks from the guys, "Carolina" and "Make Me Whole."  Don't forget to email your challenges in for the video podcast.  Email us at
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Reveal 09: One For The Young'ns James and Christian duke it out on  Who will win?  Tune in next month.  Dare Christian for a special video podcast.  Send your suggestions to our brand new email address,  Or give us a call at 877.60.vmail, pin number is 6885463#.  We sit down with the Junior High Team from a little known outfit called Saddleback Church.  We talk about leading worship for students and listen to a song by Taffy, "Marked By Love."
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Reveal 08: New Is The New Black Matt Watch is shot down like a Christmas Turkey.  We finally get that interview with Mr. Crowder.  No...not that one.  New is the new black.  And you thought black was the new black.  Or possibly brown.  Check out the song "All Of My Days."

How do you stay current?  Let us know: or or (877) 60-VMAIL, pin number is 6885463#.
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Episode 07: What To Expect When You're Expecting The suck-up series begins with guest Pastor Scott Turner (The Summit OC).  Scott breaks off a little Isaiah 6 for us.  Before he leaves we put him in the lukewarm seat.  Give us a call at 1.877.60.VMAIL.  The Reveal pin number is 6885463#.
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Episode 06: Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Worship Music? Grammy predictions recap.  The use of non-"Christian" music in our worship.  Matt Redman blows us off...AGAIN.  Brush with Chris Tomlin.  Matt is nowhere to be found.
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Episode 05: James v. James Can you believe it's episode 5?  Where's the drink?  We make some Grammy predictions.  James disses James.  New song, You See Me.  The drink takes hold and we talk way too long.  See you in two weeks.
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Episode 04: Songs Of Lament I’ve got some bad news for you.  The bummed-out show.  JB v. The Hoff.  We get email.  New segment: Matt Watch.
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A Very Revealing Christmas We get an email from Down Under.  Are you jolly this time of year?  Don't roll angry.
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Episode 03: The Prophetic Edge Of Worship Leading Christmas is coming.  Don't kill yourself.  The band which will remain nameless doesn't move to Nashville.  They soon split up.  Being out in front ain't always easy.  Christian confesses.  New worship tune, Strip Me Away.  It could be somebody's best song.
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Episode 02: Excellence In Worship Part 2 Don't hassle the Hoff.  Let us know how you heard about Reveal.   Email us at or  We continue our discussion on Excellence In Worship.  James introduces a new song, You Are Holy. 
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Episode 01: Excellence In Worship Part 1 This is not our best show.  Reveal defined.  James and Christian kick off (what turned out to be) a two-part conversation on Excellence In Worship.  Christian previews a rough mix of a new worship song, "Right Here + Right Now." 

For further information:

Or email us at:
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